What Our Advisors Have to Say
"Sadly this years advisor summit was done virtually, I have been privileged to have attended the last 10 years’ worth of partner meetings starting in March of 2010, 1 month after we joined HT, the one thing that all had in common was the great sense of camaraderie and of course we all missed that this year.
However, the content was top notch. I especially enjoyed General McCrystal, I think there were a great many insights from the JSOC command that apply to each HT team. And the session with Stephanie Link and Michael Farr was great.
The one line I especially appreciated form that session was when he said “when clients ask about playing with a stock" ...his response is "we don’t play, we invest long term”
And while I missed being with my peers, I had a great time cooking with my daughter and we really enjoyed Chef Mark Migliore. We both got a lot of great pointers and had a great dinner that night.
I hope, like all of you, next year, we will be together somewhere."
Peter Lang
Managing Director/Partner
Hightower Westchester
"I thought the Hightower Virtual Advisor Summit was a huge hit! You and your team really rocked it!!
The JP Morgan speaker, Katherine Roy, I found one of the top professionals on retired and aging clients in the country and got a ton of non-investment idea for our clients.
Also, the General's chat about building an agile organization for today really hit home with me in thinking about running my firm and the changes that we made, and need to make, this year with the pandemic.
The mix of technical topics, social events, and general sessions where very helpful to me and my team.
Also, the timing was perfect and it makes me feel part of the Hightower community!"
John M. Egan
Managing Director/Partner
Egan Wealth Advisors
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