The Evolving RIA Marketplace
“When I think about this year, the word ‘reinvention’ comes to mind. We’ve had to reinvent how we do business, serve clients, lead teams and stay connected.”
– Hightower CEO, Bob Oros
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In an engaging fireside chat, Hightower CEO, Bob Oros led a discussion with Fidelity’s David Canter, Bernie Clark of Charles Schwab and Ben Harrison of BNY Mellon/Pershing on how major custodians are evolving to meet the needs of RIAs and their clients in these uncertain times. Here are a few pearls of wisdom:
Bernie Clark on how advisors can future-proof their businesses:
“You need to embrace the concept of being more digitally-oriented, because that’s a critical feature of the future. Staying ahead of the curve requires us to stop relying on old technology.”
David Canter on the importance of staying vigilant against cyber criminals:
“We have a very comprehensive cyber security program at our firm, and we do a whole host of anti-fraud activities for the safety and security of our clients. But I worry about advisors: Fraudsters have discovered the RIA universe, and we all need to partner together to protect our practices and clients from falling victim to phishing scams and malware.”
Ben Harrison on Hightower's Differentiators:
“The marketplace has gone through a significant evolution over the past decade, and the Hightower model has really proven itself. Everything the firm provides for its advisors in terms of scale is critically important.”