The Hightower Advisor Summit has a long history of providing attendees with both delicious food and after-hours fun. While usually that comes in the form of an open bar and a catered meal, this year the experience was brought into the homes of our advisors and staff.
With the help of professional chefs Ryan Calvo and Matt Migliore, and Certified Cicerone Jason Sofge, Summit attendees were able to choose between a nightly happy hour beer tasting or a virtual cooking class to create delicious meals for the whole family.
If you missed out, make up for it now by trying out Ryan Calvo’s taco Tuesday offering:
Carne Asada Tacos with Rajas
(2) 8 oz. servings Skirt Steak (1) small can of Chipotle Puree
(1) tsp. Cumin (1/4) cup Orange Juice (2) Limes, zested (2) cloves Garlic (1/4) cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil
(1) tbsp. Agave Nectar (3) tbsp. Salt (1) tbsp. Black Pepper Tortillas or Taco Shells of choice
(1) tbsp. Butter
(1) Bell Pepper
(1) Poblano Pepper
(1) Onion
(1) Jalapeno Pepper
Juice of (1) Lemon
(1) tbsp. Olive Oil
(1) tbsp. Salt
(1) tbsp. Black Pepper
Combine all ingredients (except steak) in a blender until smooth; add steak and marinade 4-6 hours.
Grill vegetables. Let cool once removed and de-seed. Julienne-cut the peppers and slice onion into circles. Add vegetables and remaining ingredients to a bowl. Grill steak to medium-rare; remove from heat, add a pat of butter and let rest. Slice against the grain. Plate-slice steak in taco shell; garnish with Rajas.
Oktoberfest Brewmaster Experience
Although most in-person Oktoberfest celebrations were cancelled this year, Advisor Summit Attendees still had the opportunity to enjoy a cold beer and learn more about the brewing process with Certified Cicerone Jason Sofge.
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