Prospecting in a Virtual World

As dinners, receptions, luncheons, fundraisers and charitable events have all moved online, advisors are finding it increasingly difficult to conduct the networking needed to engage new prospects. But according to MFS Vice President, Susan Kay, there are many effective ways to move formerly in-person prospecting events online.
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A virtual afternoon tea
Invite your clients and their friends to a Zoom high tea experience. Prior to the event, send out a box filled with several different kinds of tea, a strainer and fancy snacks. Attendees can make their own cups while listening to a short, engaging speaker, and then spend the rest of the time socializing with one another. 
Cocktails and Live Music
When was the last time you went to see a concert? And when do you think the next time will be? Why not make sure it happens sooner, rather than later, and host a live musical event for clients and prospects? Even though everyone is in their own home, sharing the experience of watching a live event brings us a little bit closer.
College Prospecting Webinar
If you thought the process of visiting, applying to and ultimately deciding on a college to attend was complicated before, consider how stressed out this year’s crop of high school seniors —and their parents— are today. Advisors with knowledge of budgeting and college costs can help alleviate some of this stress for their client’s teenage children by hosting a college prospecting webinar, and asking the teens to invite their friends.
Not only will you be creating a relationship with a young person who may look to you for financial help in the future, but you can also impress some of their parents who are not yet clients.