10 Things I Learned at Advisor Summit
There were over 30 advisors, field professionals and corporate employees involved in the creation of the new brand well-th. rebalanced.
Learn more about Hightower's rebranding process here
Barbara Archer (Hightower Wealth Advisors | St. Louis), Sarah Minakary (The Rand Group), and William Brown (Synergy Capital Solutions) each won a $250 donation to their favorite charity and a $250 Amazon gift card just by visiting the exhibit hall.
Nicole Engel can keep up with the Chicago Bears trainer in bootcamp.
General McChrystal admitted he has gotten softer in his “older years” and used to be known to be hard on his people because he demanded a lot of them.
The Collective Wisdom success stories told all had one thing in common: they use salesforce pipeline adoption to scale their growth.
As discussed in the Global Social and Economic Impacting session and in light of increased interest in sustainable themes, we have now launched an Impact Committee with content on Clear (available to Hightower Employees only).
Check out the Impact Investing Page on Clear
30 minutes of day of stretching can break up the monotony of working from home and give your body some oxygen to thrive on.
Volunteer work in your community can be rewarding and it can also open doors to new prospects and clients.
The economic recovery continues to be uneven, but Stephanie Link is starting to look at travel and leisure opportunities.
German folk songs go well with an October Brewfest Happy Hour!
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